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Our DAVE Mobile Field Interview Solution Kit (AF-DMFISK) is the ultimate HD Portable Video Recording System with HD Mini-Camera and DVR system at your fingertips.  With 720p & 1080p HD footage, this small field or lab solution can travel anywhere required.  Its compact DVR unit with touchscreen controls and nearly invisible “small” camera appear non-threatening, unlike like the big eyeball cameras with less resolution.

Additional features include the wired and wireless remote, allowing recording to begin no matter where the investigator may be located within the range of the remote.  The absence of blinking red lights or other recording indicators allows the subject to remain unafraid and focused on the questions, allowing for a smoother interview process.  With each of these carefully chosen components, the DAVE Mobile Field Interview Solution Kit (AF-DMFISK) is ideal for interviewing children as it resembles a generic briefcase.


DAVE Mobile Field Interview Solution Kit (AF-DMFISK) Features


• Rugged Pelican brief style case

• Laser precision cut foam

• HD Video Mini-Camera in full HD 6 settings from 320 x 240 to 1280 x 960 (mounted in kit)

• HD touchscreen DVR recording unit

• (10) 64GB SD cards (captures about 20 hours per card)

• HD connection cable

• USB cable

• AC adapter

• Extension cord

Wired remote and Wireless remote

• Flexible-neck clamp for mounting camera during interviews

• Earphones for immediate “private” playback 

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