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Atola TaskForce 2 is a top-performance forensic imager capable of running 25+ imaging sessions in parallel, automatically retrieve data from damaged media, detect and reassemble unknown RAID arrays.

TaskForce 2 has 26 ports: 8 SATA, 8 SAS/SATA, 4 NVMe (M.2 and U.2), 4 USB, IDE and extensions for Thunderbolt and Apple PCIe SSDs. Two 10Gb Ethernet ports are available for fast data transfer.  Device racks for convenient and secure drive organization.

TaskForce 2 can be connected to a network and operated by multiple users in Google Chrome browser on their own devices. An offline Kiosk mode use is available, too.

Imaging 25+ drives simultaneously at 25 TB/hour

Atola TaskForce 2 lets you multi-task using the fastest imaging engine thanks to its server-grade motherboard, 16-thread Xeon CPU 3.7 GHz and ECC RAM

– 25+ imaging sessions in parallel plus other tasks

– 25 TB/hour cumulative speed of imaging

– Imaging at 500+ MB/sec on SSDs, 4 GB/sec on NVMe

– Source/target switch on all ports for maximum flexibility

– Hardware write protection in Source mode on all ports

– Integration with workflow automation tools via Web API

– Pause and resume any imaging session

– Imaging to up to 5 targets including E01, RAW, AFF4 files in the networks, on other drives, VeraCrypt-protected drives

– Express mode (configure, activate and connect drives to have them imaged without further clicks into the selected destination)

– Powerful logical imaging module with smart filters for files and folders, time and size ranges to save time and target space

RAID autodetection, reassembly and imaging

Autodetection for RAID arrays with an unknown configuration:

– identifies RAID type by reading data on selected members

– processes thousands of potential configuration variants

– one-click application of a suggested configuration

– partition preview for visual assessment of a reassembled RAID

– rebuild of RAID even with a missing or damaged device (for redundancy-based RAID)

– physical or logical imaging of a complete RAID or its elements

– Currently supported: RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, JBOD

Damaged drive support

Atola’s data recovery engine is fully automated and is designed to retrieve maximum data fast and avoid further damage.

– In-depth drive diagnostics

– Automated data recovery with a multi-pass algorithm

– Selective head imaging

– Automatic reset of freezing drives

– Current sensors on all SATA, SAS/SATA, IDE ports

– Overcurrent and short-circuit protection on all ports

– Segmented hashing for damaged drive image verification

Connectivity options

  1. 10Gb Ethernet network

Open TaskForce interface on any device within the same local network by entering the IP address displayed on the front panel in Google Chrome. The system has two 10Gb ports.

  1. Kiosk mode

For offline use, plug in a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse to the system. The interface will be immediately available.

  1. Wi-Fi connection

TaskForce has an optional Wi-Fi adapter, by plugging which you can operate the unit in a secure network via a laptop,tablet or smartphone.

Multi-user access & user interface

The interface is designed for examiners with all levels of technical proficiency:

– Operated via Chrome browser

– Simultaneous use by multiple operators

– User management system limiting access to others’ cases

– Launch of any operation within 2 – 5 clicks

– Highly intuitive task-oriented user interface

Other features

-Drive content triage via Browse file feature and in the Logical imaging module

– Wiping on all ports (26 devices in parallel)

– HPA, DCO & AMA control and recovery

– Hash calculation: MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512

– Wiping (Secure Erase, NIST800-88, DoD 5220.22-M, etc.)

– Case management system and automated reports

– S.M.A.R.T. view

– Supported file systems NTFS, ext4/3/2, XFS, APFS (with encrypted volumes), exFAT, HFS/HFS+, FAT32/16

– Device racks for convenient and secure drive organization

– Server rack compatibility

Lifetime warranty

Atola stands behind its products. We offer the best warrantyin the industry. Keep annual subscriptions active for:

– 2-3 software updates

– training and knowledge refresh sessions for the users

– lifetime warranty on hardware

– support from the team of developers


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