Tableau TX1 Pro Forensic Imaging Kit – w/ Pelican Case and Adaptors/Cables


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The new Forensic Imager TX1 sets the standard for next-generation Forensic Imaging – and it’s easy to see why. One look and you will notice the stylish design of the TX1 that finally brings digital forensic products into the twenty-first century. It features a beautiful and intuitive user interface on a tablet-sized touch-screen, providing a delightful user experience. The TX1 is also a behemoth under the hood, making it the fastest and most powerful forensic imager on the market.



o    Superior local and network imaging performance without compromises

o    Images SATA, USB 3, PCIe, SAS, FireWire 800, IDE, and network shares

o    Outputs to SATA, USB 3, SAS, and network shares

o    Supports up to two active “forensic” jobs at a time (simultaneous imaging)

o    Job queuing option for efficiency and convenience

o    Up to four destinations per source with the ability to mix clone/image duplication and local/network destinations

o    Media Utility options of: view drive details, wipe, format, blank check, view & disable HPA/DCO, whole disk encryption, view S.M.A.R.T., and eject media

o    On screen real-time notifications/feedback with audible feedback options

o    Status LED provides device status information

o    Packaged in removable foam inserts custom-built to drop into a Pelican 1500 hard case

o    Free firmware updates



o    View drive details

o    Wipe

o    Format

o    Blank Check

o    View & disable HPA/DCO

o    Whole disk encryption

o    View S.M.A.R.T.

o    Eject media



Digital investigators need to be prepared for all types of storage media, and that now includes PCIe SSDs. Tableau has introduced multiple new PCIe-compatible products that leverage PCIe architecture to maximize performance by simply adapting to a new form factor rather than adapting through slower media alternatives.

Forensic Imager TX1 – The next generation, replacing the Forensic Imager 3.

UltraBlock PCIe Bridge – A portable write-blocker that is reliable and easy-to-use.


A PCIe Adapter is required for PCIe drive operations. Current available PCIe Adapters include:

o    PCIe Card

o    PCIe M.2

o    PCIe Apple SSDs




o    Forensic Imager TX1

o    TP6 Power Supply

o    Forensic Imager SATA/SAS Drive Ba

o    Drive Cables

o    Five pack of Velcro Cable Ties

o    Microfiber Screen Wipe

o    TX1 Quick Reference Guide


The following extra kit components come included with the TX1 Pro:

o    Adapter Kit – IDE Adapter, Power and Data Cable

o    Adapter Kit Bundle – For PCIe Card, M.2, Apple SSD and 4″ Cable

o    Multipack Drive Adapter Kit

o    Additional TX1-S1 Storage Module

o    Additional Power Supply (TP6)




“Works well and well designed.  It runs quieter than the TD3.  The LED indicator light is a nice feature when I am running it and I’m across the room.  The biggest reason for my purchase is to duplicate PCIe drives and the TD3 doesn’t have this feature.  It seems to run faster too; ~130 MB/s compared to ~100MB/s.”

Russ Verbofsky


New Mexico Dept of Game and Fish

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