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Drowning in Digital Data?

Solving a big forensic data problem usually means one thing— Buying a bigger computer.

Not an ideal solution when you’re facing huge data backloads, high I/O processing demands and shrinking bandwidth. Throw in the cost, expandability limitations, and the inability to multitask with an array of forensic software, building bigger isn’t always better.

Truxton Has a Better Way

Distributed Forensic Processing
We believe it takes an army to tackle big data problems. Instead of relying on one overtasked machine and an exhausted analyst, why not split up the work and assign it to the best machines and humans to get the job done?

Impossible? Not at all.
Truxton splits up and automates forensic processing into scalable components that grow to meet expanding needs, and provides a single, multi-user platform for all of your media, no matter what source or program it came from.

The end result?
Reduced backlogs, reliable, automatic application of forensic tools, and actionable information instead of piles of data, all wrapped up in easy to understand, jury ready reports. Sound too good to be true? See for yourself. Download our free 30-day demo and see for yourself.

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Actionable Information, Not Data


Stacks of CDs, DVDs and drives organized only by media type


Drawers of electronic folders organized by file type

Automatically “sees” inside files and pulls relevant information as entities

Traditional forensic tools are often nothing more than a digital file pile or an organized file viewer. That still leaves analysts with a stack of media to manually process the data using keyword searches or an investigative hunch.

Truxton automatically exploits the data and delivers a summary of entities in an easy to understand format— a convenient list of accounts, phone or credit card numbers, passwords, SSIDs, USB identifiers and more. This gives you a head start on finding exactly what you need while eliminating the noise. Check out a sample entities report to see what we mean. Need to dive deeper? No problem. Truxton will let you view File Directories, Artifacts, and Registry Files to search for evidence.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Wouldn’t it be nice if multiple users could work on the same case at the same time? Or if you could send out a file to an off-site Subject Matter Expert for review? Export files to another platform without wrangling a bunch of proprietary code?

Truxton is designed to allow multiple investigators to work on the same media/investigation simultaneously. This lets you to assign tasks and manage workloads to avoid duplication of effort. And when the work is done, Truxton’s open architecture philosophy allows you to take your data into other tools for verification, archiving, or reporting.


Reports and Jury-Ready Text

Dreading going to the box on a 3-year old case? Spill coffee on your notebook? Relax.

Truxton reports your findings in an elegant, easy-to-read format

that is ideal for non-technical audiences.

Our jury-ready findings report provides a description, path, and

definitions for all of your findings

and features an automatic audit log to record your investigative

process so it can be verified or corroborated with other tools

View Sample Report


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AVAIL Forensics is proud to be partners and VAR resellers of the TRUXTON digital forensic software, a new leader in the industry. With TRUXTON, we can fill all of your forensic needs of purchasing additional licenses or reusing existing ones. Our systems are fully compatible with all current versions as well as backwards compatible to previous versions of our partners’ software. If you are not on the current version, we suggest you let us provide a quote for this version for your consideration.  We can even provide a Free Trial of the software.

Our hardware systems are thoroughly tested for reliability and performance and come with an upgraded 3-year warranty at no additional charge.


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