DAVE RV15-90TB Digital Forensics RAID Vault


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With the ever-growing storage requirements around digital evidence, finding affordable, easy-to-manage, and scalable storage solutions can be a challenge. Our direct-attached DAVE Digital Forensics RAID Vaults are designed to fit today’s tight budgets and increasing amounts of evidence data in addition to allowing the user to quickly add storage capacity without extreme costs and complexity.

The AVAIL Forensics DAVE Digital Forensics RAID Vaults are simple to deploy and ideal for the single or multiple forensics workstation environment.


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Our direct-attached storage solutions also offer a web-based management interface for easy, yet secure, administration. With this configuration, you can decrease your data processing time and increase the uptime of your system.

Our DAVE cases are fitted with dense, noise-absorbing material with a soft foam texture, which absorbs noise generated by the components and fans inside. Other noise-reducing features, such as the covered top panel and silicone grommets for hard drive mounting, help deliver an efficient, low noise solution.

Our high-performance DAVE Digital Forensics RAID Vaults are designed and optimized to support today’s demanding digital forensics environments and built surpassing the suggested industry standards. We use a specialized tower to reduce noise levels and maintain system cooling of the RAID configured drives. These drives are fully automated and managed by our RAID management suite software.

DAVE RV15-90 RAID Vault Features

RAID Vault Includes:
• 15-Bay 90TB 6G SAS Enclosure
• Scalable up to 240 SATA/SAS Drives
• SFF-8088 Multilane Connectors
• (15) Hot-Swap trays with key-lock and pull-tab
• (15) 6 TB Serial ATA HD 7200/64MB/SATA-6Gbps
• 300 watt power supply
• (5) 80mm cooling fans

High Point RAID Management Suite
• High Point PCIe SAS Controller Card
• RAID level support for 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60
• Automatic RAID rebuild feature
• Monitoring and alert system
• Secure and intuitive web-based RAID Management

GSA Note

While most of our GSA customers will purchase this item as configured on this page, we are also available to assist with unique, customer-designed DF equipment. For more information on customized digital forensics equipment, please call for more information or send an e-mail to [email protected].



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