DATAPILOT 10 Field Acquisition Device (256GB) – by Susteen


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A New Era of Mobile Forensics

With DATAPILOT 10, you can instantly acquire data to review on-scene, examine back in the lab, or store for litigation hold requests.


Collect Data Fast:

Collect mobile device data from suspects, victims, witnesses or for litigation hold requests—without sending their device to the lab


View Results On-Scene:

Review only the data you need, right on-scene, so you can make informed decisions quickly, without delay


Take Action:

Get data, take immediate action, saving more lives, protecting people & property, and no more waiting on lab results when they are not needed


Data Pilot 10 Specifications:

• 256 GB of storage (expandable)
• Mil-spec & ip68 water rating
• Software created in the USA
• On-device query searching
• Camera with OCR recognition
• Charges target device while powering itself
• 6 inch touch screen
• Output data

Includes desktop evidence viewer and complimentary training.


Affordable Rugged Field Acquisition Solution 
DATAPILOT  10  is  purpose  built,  versatile  and  easy to   use!      Designed   for   rapid acquisition  and reporting  of  phone  and  tablet  data,  and  other evidence in the field. Great for active crime scenes, real-time  response,  and  as  a  back-up  acquisition device.
Quickly  acquire  time  relevant  evidence  in the field, ad-hoc and list search, fast real-time on unit reporting and in-unit data storage.   All the data  acquired  and  gathered  is  compatible with your other forensic tools back at the lab.

Powerful Apps 

•     Data

✓    Time Slice Technology
    ✓    Fast – All Contact Records, Call History and Messages
    ✓    Flex – Selectable Content: Contacts, Calendar, Call History,  Messages, Files (images and
            videos, and more), App Data and Deleted Data
    ✓    iTunes Only Back-up (including encrypted)
    ✓    Full Device Back-up
•     Real-Time Linked Screen Mirroring

✓     With Built-in OCR, Optical Character Recognition
•     Optical Capture
✓    With Built-in OCR, Optical Character Recognition

Reports and Search
•     On The Device
✓    Reporting: HTML, XML and SQL
✓    Search Ad-hoc and Preloaded Lists
•     Off The Device
✓    Compatible with your browser

Data Collected
•   Extractions Stored on the Device or External Storage
•   Compatible with other popular Forensic Tools



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