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ADF Mobile Device Investigator™ (MDI) is the best mobile investigation tool for investigators collecting evidence on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
The Mobile Device Investigator™ Software Subscription Maintenance and Support renewal includes:
  • 3 Year of Technical Support, Software Maintenance & Upgrades
ADF Mobile Device Investigator™ software provides on-scene and lab investigators with the rapid automated collection, analysis and reporting on digital evidence. MDI is ideal for:
  • Law Enforcement (Police, Sheriffs, Digital Crime Units, ICAC Task Forces)
  • Military (Special Operations, Forward Operators)
  • Corporations (HR, Legal Teams, Corporate Investigators, IT/Cyber Security)
  • Universities (University Police, Security, IT Security)
Easily adapting to rapidly evolving digital forensic needs and circumstances, MDI is all about speed, scalability, ease-of-use, and relevant results. MDI is a fully automated and highly configurable artifact and file collection tool. Scan unlocked iOS and Android devices (smartphones and tablets) for rapid collection to speed your investigations with out-of-the-box or custom search profiles. Quickly go through the recovered data with the powerful results viewer to explore gigabytes of information in minutes. Easily create comprehensive reports to highlight your findings and select the format most suitable for your audience.


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